Well, I decided to come back after a long hiatus.

I think being a stay-at-home mom cooped up in my basement room has turned me slightly crazy.
It’s probably the lack of sunlight.
Or the fact that my only conversations lately consist of “‘Say Mom, Jayden'” or “Dam baby that’s a big dukey.”
Yeah..it’s also the lack of sunlight…

I also notice that I talk a lot to myself in public.
For example, today, I was at TJ Maxx (as usual) and I was looking for black tea in the heap of a Christmas crazed mess. As I was sifting through the shelves, I was muttering, “Bro where you at? I need ma tea woman!” And a woman walked swiftly to the opposite side away from me.  And I tried to play it cool by looking at my Jayden and saying, “Yeah where’s the tea Jayden?!”
Smooth. I know.

Therefore, I need an outlet to tell all the tons of oh-so-hilarious jokes that I come up with in my head and somewhere to bro out.

Here goes…


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