Ish Patients Say

Patient: What are you?
Me: You mean my ethnicity?
Patient: Yeah, are you Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese?
Me: Try another guess.
Patient: . . .
Me: There are so many other countries in Asia man
Patient: . . .
Me: Okay, it starts with a “K.”
Patient: . . .
Patient: Kansas?!?!?


Ish Patients Say

I was leading a group, where the patients go around and talk anout their goals for their day and other community issues…

Me: So what is your goal for the day?
Patient: To marry a fine ass Korean woman.
Me: okay lets try a goal we can actually achieve.
Patient: dam…

Try again.

Ish Patients Say

I work in an inpatient psychiatric unit.
And you got it, it’s not an easy line of work.  
My heart bleeds for them sometimes.
Other times, I just have to take a deep breath, take everything with a grain of salt.
and just smile because of reasons like this:

Patient: I just think about how God put us all on this earth.  We all have God watching over us. I know I have to fix my life. I want to and God wants me to.  The people who loved me the most beat me…what kind of life is that?  And I get angry sometimes. I get angry a lot. And it’s because of my parents. But I know that it doesn’t define me.
Me: I love that. Just remember that you’ll have times when you fall, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. 
Patient: Yeah……you’re right….

*Stares off into space looking in deep thought*
Patient: I just picked my butt.