My Daily Creative Dose

My Daily Creative Dose

A lot of people ask how I do it…
how I put outfits and fashion together.

I don’t really have an answer. Though I know that it comes from a deeper place than mere vanity and a desire to say, “Look at me.”

There’s a deeply rooted nerve in my body that tingles that bursts for creating. I need to express that creativity in one small dose or another. Sometimes it’s just by singing aloud, writing in my journal, people watching, or taking a walk of reflections.

Some people fulfill this desire by sketching.
Some by painting.
Others by writing poetry.
But since I can’t do any of those things, fashion is another means of channeling some of that creative energy.

I see fashion in lines, colors, shapes, outlines, silhouettes. I see moods, personalities, and tones. And just like the artist who can pick up their brush to paint whatever stroke comes, I pick layer by layer what will all come together.

Fashion is my form of art and just how anyone likes to be complimented on the piece they created, I appreciate it when someone can say they like an outfit.

So if anyone needs a shopping buddy, you KNOW I’m down to create some magic 🙂


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