March 31st-Performing my first monologue


Our 2012 ArtSpeak theme, Vices and Virtues, parallels Highrock’s study of the Seven Deadly Sins during the season of Lent. Historically, the Seven Deadly Sins (capital vices) have been explored widely in art and literature from Dante’s Divine Comedy to iconic paintings by artists like Bosch and Bruegel.  In contemporary artistic practice, from art to film, poetry to dance, the theme of human vices has not been lost, still transcending divisions between Christian and secular art. We are very excited to be exploring the theme of Vices and Virtues as a church and artistic community.


So it’s been a while since I’ve done acting and monologues.  Brings me back to high school day Speech days…

Aside from it being a long while ago, I’ll be performing my own monologue about my mom.  Which is even harder.  I’ve become really anxious the past two weeks over it and I’m starting to have doubts.  I’m scared to be so open and vulnerable to a crowd of people who I will have to face every Sunday.

But it’s a big step that I feel God compelling me to leap into.  So I’m just praying and holding onto God.  He is my source of strength and only His love and grace can move through all of this.  Not by my willpower but His own. =)


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