Spring Semester…Not at Bentley!

It’s a few days before I leave for Boston…I’m excited. It’s a whole new chapter living in a new apartment in Boston and pursuing a different career path.  I can’t believe I’m making this decision.  Never did I think I would be “disobeying” my parents like this…never did I think I would be doing this.  I don’t know if this whole medical field thing is for me for sure. I now know it’s not just accounting I am not pursuing but business as a whole. All signs given by God have just told me that it’s not for me.  I was going one way and God has been redirecting me all three and a half years of school(how did I not see the signs?) No matter how hard I tried to follow the path to becoming a professional businesswomen to make my parents happy and proud of me for once (which is what every Asian feels a purpose to do, right? haha) God was telling me that this was not my purpose.

I know I said I was going to go into how I came about this decision, but I think it might be too distressing of a story to read..and for me to write too. WAH!

So here I go, letting go of the telescope in hand to scope out what’s beyond me.  I’m going to be volunteering at two hospitals–Children’s Hospital Boston and the Boston Medical Center–working with in-patient children.  I’m so thrilled to be working with children…I was afraid during the interview process the volunteer coordinators would place me with adult patients or cancer patients, but both centers saw that I would be a great fit to work with children…Is this God telling me something?

Anywho, while volunteering, I’ll be taking two classes at UMASS Lowell (so that I can still be able to finish up my accounting degree at Bentley and graduate in May!) and I’ll also be taking EMT training classes.  Some people have been asking me why I don’t just stay in Bentley, while doing these extra things.  Well, if I stay in Bentley 1) I tend to get sucked into a vortex of the Bentley mindset of just studying to focus on good grades 2) I need to get away from business students and that whole environment 3) The best way to be doing that right now is for me to be away from it all. I JUST NEED TO GET AWAY. Period. I’ll be living in a house with four lovely Christian ladies and after a long disheartening semester of apartment searching (and seeing some creepy people and apartments) God has answered my prayers! I know I’m going to be learning a lot from them and it will be such a blessing to live in an all Christian household–people who live with the same ideals, the same moral compass, and purpose. It just makes settles my soul when I think about it.

I’m excited and nervous of course.  I have so much hope though for this semester to start this new life. Here we go 🙂


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