Bye Bye Bentley~

I wish I had posted more in my WordPress throughout this semester…but I guess I didn’t feel ready to talk about the things that have been hovering in my mind the past four months.  So now here comes the memory dump…

I cleaned my room in North Campus 110A and packed up my belongings to go home today with bittersweet emotions (more sweet than bitter).  Before walking out for the last time, I looked back at my empty room and thinking, “Wow, I’m really leaving this?!”

Two days ago I had the same flow of thoughts, except this time it was while I was walking into an empty room thinking, “Wow, am I really living this?!”  This…being my new life outside of Bentley in a cozy new room at Porter Square.   This meant coming out of that big bubble that I never really could call home.

Okay, I’m still not being clear on all this…No, I’m not graduating in the winter. I’ll be graduating in May of 2012, and taking a leave of absence from Bentley in the spring semester before graduation.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about this decision–questioning whether or not I was being rational, practical, and not whimsical.  But the main basis to the practicalities of my decision to take a leave of absence is that I’ll still be able to graduate “on time.”

While I can still graduate “on time,” I’ll be doing several things but I’ll talk about those in a later post…I should get into why I’m doing it…

I don’t know where it happened…but I guess in the hurricane of never ending schoolwork and reading, the added stress of full-time job hunting was ironically like adding another “job” to my already busy life as an accounting student.  As I was going through this full-time job, I sifted through Bentley’s career website and various other career sites everyday more than once a day.  It was an addiction and I can proudly say that I was on career sites more than I ever was on Facebook in a day! haha Anywho, I had such difficulty finding a job because well, Bentley didn’t provide many jobs outside of the accounting/finance field.  And if there was a marketing position, it was mainly social media related, a kind of marketing that wasn’t that appealing to me.   So then my only hope was to look at other career websites. But here was a problem with that: anytime I searched for a job, usually there were two main criterion: a) Pick a job function b) Pick a location.  My answers to both drop-down menus? a) Any and hmm b) Any -_______-

That just generated huuundreds of jobs and in all sorts of locations all over the globe.  Of course this quickly became overwhelming.  What am I doing?! What do I even want to do? Where do I want to go? I sought out to speak to various career advisers and alum at school to gain insight from them.  One of my career mentors told me, “Well, what did you want to be when you were little?” Another asked me a month later, “What would you do if money weren’t an issue and skill weren’t an issue?” And it all came to me as I mapped it out that what I need in a job is genuine humanity.  Helping others through direct contact….

Be in the medical field?

And that’s where I shall continue for my next entry…so so tireddd now Zzz…


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