My Right Brain Needs Some Exercising…

I’m sitting in the library. Trying to study for business law..ha, it’s funny how most my posts start off as “So I’m trying to study for my accounting exam” or “I’m procrastinating some finance work”

Anywho, I’m sifting through my weekly digest of Stumbleupon.  I stumble upon, a website of…well, graphics.

Illustrations, photography, pencil sketchings, etc.  I just love seeing art and how people can see something remarkable out of nothing.  I love photography of “the ordinary.” It stirs me like soup to see some of these works of art–what was that person thinking at that moment? Why that object? Where?

Then, I’m inspired to (procrastinate some more) and look  at Facebook uploads of my friends or acquaintances (mostly not Bentley friends…go figure) to see their albums of art or photography.  I stalked one of my friend’s “mobile uploads” album of random every day things. It’s of “the ordinary”-a random, but bold street sign, a tilted photo of a friend listening to his iPod, and a ceiling tile. She’s not using a fancy camera to produce these works of art nor is she taking pictures of beautiful objects or places.  It’s just what she makes of these “normal” things. But these aren’t just crappy photos, there is something so intriguing and visually stimulating about each of the photos in her album. I’m inspired…and jealous.

You speak another language through art. It may not be universal or understood, but whatever it is that the artist has birthed is reflective of the person. Am I the only one that is so dazzled by this!? I just find it amazing how God can give people such special gifts.

I’m jealous of those who can make pencil sketches, fashion designs, photography.

But I guess God’s blessed me with the ability to express myself with music. And I realize that maybe part of the reason for my recent feelings of insanity is due to my lack of time and dedication to music or writing. I’m burnt out. And it’s time for me to revitalize my being with some good old vocals, meaningful WordPress posts (I’ve totally been lacking lately!), and/or going to a museum.

That being said…


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