I’ve been having strange dreams lately…Well, actually ever since I went to Ghana in June, I’ve been having very interesting dreams on a daily basis.

A common theme among them is some form of transportation-be it an airplane, airport, train, car.

What does this mean??


EDIT // Oct 26 1:46AM

Last night I had a dream that I was in a hallway of a hotel trying to find my room…but the rooms all had strange numbers that were kinda like codes.  And I felt stupid trying to figure out where my room was but couldn’t seem to.

After I snoozed my alarm at 8AM, I had another dream of me in a strange indoor farmer’s market.  It was in a basement.  Not one of those nice basements that hotshots from Cribs have, but the cement block ones that feel empty and just not warm or inviting.  And I kept going there–not to shop–but to look around for someone (I think?) And then I remember going upstairs and shortly after, I’d find myself downstairs in that basement again.  What does this mean!? Man, it’s like a setting to a horror movie.


EDITS // 11/14/11

Transportation also seems to be a common theme among many of my dreams also.  This mainly started happening this past summer, while in Ghana. Either I was on a school bus with old high school acquaintances, in an airport running to catch my flight (but unable to find my gate), in an immobile coach bus, a car as the driver, a car as the passenger, bah pretty much any mode of transport!

So interesting…I wish there was a course in Bentley about dream analysis. Dang.


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