19 June 2011–Passion For Education

Yesterday, I went to Saturday Entertainment as promised to the students.  The second I walked in through the gates, some of the kids – Isaac, Seth, Johnson, and Solomon—came out and scared me from the front entrance.  It was kinda cute considering I’ve been questioning whether or not the home children actually liked me.  The second I walked in, they asked if they could practice typing.  Their eagerness to learn is just…wow.  I remember crying hysterically, kicking and screaming when my mom tried to get me to go to school.  We are so ungrateful.  These students deserve the best education.  We go because we are forced to go to school.  They go because they want to.  They look to satiate their voracious appetites for learning.  I’ve seen this in Tanzania too with the students we visited in school…And I promised myself that one day when I am an established business woman, I will set up a scholarship fund for students in less developed countries to grant them the opportunity to have a great education. They can go far with their education and I want to require them to go back to their countries and work in their respective fields to be educated and competent leaders for the future development of their countries.  They deserve it.




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