17 June 2011 in Ghana

I love teaching. Love love love it.  Teachers have such power to inspire and help set the foundations of a growing individual.  I see that being present as a role model has such an impact on the students.

Yesterday in class, I gave the students an assignment to write a story about “If I were King for a Day”
Ebenezer wrote a beautiful description about his morning, afternoon, and evening.  He wrote about how he would help his community.  How he would make sure the poor would have enough to live.  He would make sure the elders and everyone in the community resolve all issues heard from society members.  He kept writing about how he would want to create a better world for peace and harmony.  It was so beautifully written.  I went over grammatical errors and ways in which he could improve his writing.  I could see in his eyes and his gentle smile, his willing to learn and his passion to understand.  It’s an amazing feeling to see and feel his desires.  It makes me want to give so much more.  He’s such a pleasure to teach.

Not a great quality picture--but it's the only one I got of me and Ebenezer

You know, what’s also rewarding is when you see improvements and results reveal themselves.  Yesterday, the students took a diagnostic typing test for typing on the program Mavis Beacon Typing.  The students at first scored relatively low, scoring three words per minute and four words per minute.  Not even after our one hour session was over—probably only after five minutes of a lesson—they improved their skills to seven.  And by the end of the session, they were typing 16 or 17 words per minute.  How rewarding it is to see such great results.

We met a new student today.  His name is Charles.  And although he is not a home-child we let him come because of his determination, his hard work, and motivation to learn.  He comes everyday to learn and it is just so inspiring to see that.  And the fact that some of these students come to class on days that are not assigned, during their own free time? Wow…I told Tim about how amazing it is to see all of this.  To see their faces more than once a week and he said, “I guess we must be doing something right.”
I believe so.


Tim, Charles, and I

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