Day 13-Somewhere you’d like to Move or Visit

Hmmm…I don’t know if there is one particular location that I am absolutely itching to go to.
I also don’t think I have one particular place that I am confident I will settle into.
I just don’t know what is going to come into my life…I know in the future, there’s no settling for me anytime soon.

Chances are, I’m not going to be settling my butt into a nest anytime soon.  I want to live and move about. Be a single independent woman, discover life, myself, and thirst for the endless possibilities out there.  I would like to live in San Francisco for a bit or London, and definitely NYC for some time too.  Korea is also appealing.  But I don’t know.  Like I said in my previous entry, planning is not me.  I’ll have overviews in my head but not an agenda.  There’s a difference, I promise I’m not crazy.  An overview is just that…an over…view. But an agenda is a list of activities that are pending execution in the near future.

I’m keeping my mind open.  27 months of the Peace Corps at whatever location God decides for me will perhaps provide more of a guided route for me.
As for where I would like to visit? Come on, don’t you know me by now? You can send me to Timbuktu or freaking middle-of-nowhere Guam and I will still have a blast 🙂


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