Dear Future Me,

When you reopen this message, it will probably be August 1, 2011, the day you return from Ghana.   You’ll probably be black…and even worse than the time your own parents walked right past you when you arrived at the airport after 6 months in Spain.  Well, your skin color is not the only thing that will change.

You’re already somewhat of a hippie, so I’m just a little afraid of the hippie road you were further stumble along after you come back.  You will probably feel like that square that doesn’t fit in the circle.

((I’m also finding that talking to my future me sounds a little schizophrenic. . .))

You’ve changed drastically within the past year and a half.  Spain has matured you, challenged you emotionally and mentally, released you from the fearful you that was curled in a ball in the depths of your whimsical happy- go-lucky facade.  You are probably a different person than you were two months ago, when I wrote this.

You wrote this silly letter because you change so much months at a time that you can’t account for how your progression has followed along each of the way.   This is going to help.  While reading this, you probably have a smirk on your face of how cute this was.

Before you left, you didn’t know what to expect of this trip.  You left a blank slate.  You wanted to go with no expectations because you knew that life is so full of surprises that having any pillars of thoughts would in turn develop into prejudice or stereotypes.
Before you left, the one thing you did know was that you wanted to give everything your all and help out in any way you could.  On the topic of the microfinance organization you will be working with, I hope that you will instill moral business practices and restructurization.  Hopefully you’ve made a difference in the small farmers and business owners’ lives through this.
Before you left, you had hoped that you could develop ongoing after-school programs for the students at Mmofra Trom.
And before you left, you were excited to go to church in Ghana because the experience you had in Tanzania was so awe inspiring.

Other than that, who knows what could happen.  I’m sure it was a positive experience all in all.  Maybe you’ve returned fired up with passion for a new direction in your life.  Maybe you’ve returned depressed haha.  Whatever it is, hope you’re keepin it real.  And you will promptly write a response back.


You, two months ago


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