Clutter Flutter

There’s a lot going on in my head I want to express.  Things I have realized I am passionate, exasperated, and worried about that I want to share.  But I’ve had to push these rupturing emotions out and out for the past two weeks to zoom my focus into studying for finals.

But just one minute thing:
Last night, as I was driving in the wonderful state of “Mass-hole drivers,” I encountered one at that.  As I flicked off the driver, my ears rang to the string of words that would’ve caused any mother to mop that crap out of my filthy mouth.  Lately, curse words naturally slip out of my tongue like the carbon dioxide I exhale.  I don’t like it, but I’ve realized that it’s because of my recent love fest with underground rap.  I’ve always enjoyed underground rap but lately, it’s become the only music that energizes me while I study.   And I think all the raw and crude word usages have just subconsciously become embedded in my language as well.  In the words of John Mayer: “me and my stupid mouth.”

Here’s just one song out of many songs I’ve been looping. I dig the lyrics (and thankfully, it’s not as crude as some of the other songs on my playlist haha):



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