Day 8-Happiest Day of Your Life

Some of the best days I’ve ever had in my life have been while in Tanzania, but since I already wrote about Tanzania in my last entry about religion, I think I’ll go one with another incredible day: August 18, 2007.

I had just come back the beginning of that month from a whirlwind of a trip in Tanzania.
This was the starting point of when my life had changed.
This was when I came back to the States in a new house that my family had moved into while I was away.
This was when I returned with news that my first love (to be discussed in my next entry) became my ex-love.

I came back to a completelely disordered hodgepodge of a life.
This is where my amazing best friends came in–full force intervention–and salvaged me from the deep doo-doo I was in.

My 17th birthday party went a little something like this:
1) Kidnap me from my house.
2) Blindfold me and take me to an unknown location
3) The unknown location: dumpster site.
4) Leave me at a dumpster site and drive away.
5) “Just kidding.” And take me the real surprise: Picnic at Christopher Morley Park with other close friends!
6) Part II: The scavenger hunt
7) Crack into an eggshell for first clue.
8 ) Solve ridiculous math problems for the next clue
9) Step 9-18: Consists of more ridiculous activities (i.e. wax Pegah’s back, go to the nearest supermarket to make pb&j sandwiches like a slaveworker, color a page out of a coloring book, renact Mulan, etc. etc.)
18) Finally find my gift-a jacket that I’ve always wanted to buy!

How they came up with such a creative skillfully planned day? I don’t freaking know. But they are so insanely amazing.  They have seen me at my best and worst.  And they love me even at my worst.  They know the intricate details of my life and know me for all my flaws; yet, they embrace them.  They are beautiful-inside and out.  They are all so talented and unique in their own ways, and are just looming with potential for success in life.  They live highly with their morals always in check and a strong sense of care and forgiveness for everyone.  They have been nothing but positive influences on my life.  I may not be certain about my future and what is to come, but one thing for sure is they will continue to play a huge role in my life for decades to come.

I love them so much.

Back in the day…

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