Day 3-Drugs and Alcohol


This whole rowdy “I’m gonna get shwasty tonight” deal?  That was freshmen year and I think we all need to let that inner rebellion out….Thank God that’s over!

My view on alcohol now?
Two things:

1) Just be Responsible.  “I was drunk” shouldn’t be an excuse for certain actions.  You can control yourself and stop yourself from doing things if you really put your mind to it.  Granted, it’s difficult in that state; but it’s doable.  Be above it.
2) I enjoy drinking on a very social level–over dinner or just with a small group of friends who you can say silly things with and talk about ridiculous things with.  Just a simple time.  That’s all.  I like that.



I already have my own dose of psycho in my head so I could do without drugs just fine 🙂


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