The big things are the “little” things.

So I started work at UNICEF this week.  My first day was on Tuesday morning.  A fairly large woman, who sits at the lobby desk, sits up and welcomes me with an ever-so-affectionate smile.

“And who are you, my sweet child?”

Hello, I’m Susie.  I’m going to be interning at UNICEF this semester.

*She says cordially with her warm resonating voice*

It’s nice to meet you.  I’m Marie.”
*Gives the sincerest and most genuine smile.  Lays out her hand for a friendly handshake.*
Even her grasp was kind and loving.  Wow, she is the epitome of the best care giver I have ever met.

“Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing you more and more.”
*Followed by the same cordial smile that you can’t help but return the favor*

Absolutely Marie. Thank you so much!

What I really wanted to say was:
Oddly enough, the night before, I was trapped in negative thoughts of the importance of a strong veneer in the face of humanity.  I learned to accept that part of getting by in life was by guarding yourself because in the end, people are selfish.  I came to promise myself I would be pleasant and warm with people but still remain cautious and wary.  But you welcomed a complete stranger with such sincerity.   You remind me that people will come and go in your life.  People will let you down in life, but you need to keep carrying on.  You’re awesome. Stay awesome.


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