Day 2-In 10 Years…

Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

Hahahaha this one’s great.  Because guess what? I don’t know! Not at all

I’ll be working…somewhere…or should I make that plural?

I don’t expect to have this one figured out until I’m actually 30.  Like any other average college student (outside of Bentley), I used to worry all the time and taunt myself with “What the heck am I going to do with my life?!”  This past winter break I really had time to clear my head and put things into perspective.  I don’t know how it came about.  But one day, it came to me: “No, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.  Am I going to sit around–like I have been already–mentally torturing myself with worries and anxieties?  Wow, that’s really going to get me to figure it out.  Am I really sitting here swallowing myself whole in my own masochism? I’m still not going to figure it out no matter how much I think about it.”  On whole, I just gave myself my own big b*tch slap and wake-up call to just live.  I’ll let it come to me.  All it takes is acceptance.

I've accepted that I will pave my own many paths.

Acceptance that I may have to go through different paths in different cities around the globe to finally settle in the end. After graduation, I plan to pursue a five-year program for an M.S.A. or M.B.A. and then conquer that CPA exam.  That is the only sure part of my future plans.  Although I may have to jump around in my pursuits, I will not stop where I left off–and although accounting is not something I would like to continue my life with, I will take it where I need to before I unravel the next new chapter in my life.

Maybe I’ll do accounting for non-profit organizations and NGOs?  I definitely plan to attend graduate school again, but for a different degree–possibly education or psychology? Maybe I’ll be a high-school teacher? Maybe a college professor? Maybe I’ll work in an advertising firm in London? Or maybe I’ll be doing social work in Africa again?  As a floater, this is the way my life is bound to plan out. This is who I am:  I have way too many interests and hobbies, an insatiable curious mind, and a bursting anxious urge to see and experience everything I come in contact with. I’ve never been a settler, and it’s a sure thing that I will not become one any time soon.  I’m going to have to try out different things until I’ve found a sense of “Alright, I’ve lived enough.  This it it.” I’ve accepted life’s uncertainties.  And it puts me at a better place.

The world will have been a worn-out playground. I definitely need a people-oriented job and/or international relations focused career.   I’m hoping that after my CPA I’ll be working in jobs that have rotational programs and/or travel opportunities.  I certainly plan to work two years internationally ( London or Korea or anywhere)  Or hopefully I’ll have had a career that enabled me to travel to areas all over the world. Either way, I won’t be settled with myself at 30 unless I have lived out of this country.

I’ll be married…hopefully. From my last post, it’s clear that I believe in staying open to dating different kinds of people to grow as a person and gain experience.  While I still hold all this to be true, two qualities that are very important to me when looking to marry are: religion and ethnicity.  Christianity breeds an entirely distinct way of life that I know I want for my children and for their children.  Respecting my Korean culture is also something I hold very near and dear; holding that heritage will not only make my parents and grandparents happy but will also ground me and fulfill me in where my roots lie.

Finally, I’ll be content with life. After 10 years of experiencing various career paths, life experiences, and a few years with a wonderful marriage, I will have let go of all this strong urge to be doing something, being somewhere, learning anything!  I’ll reach a point where I’ve done so much that I can take a deep sigh and say “Dang, I really have lived!”  I don’t need a big white picket fence house with a green lawn, a luxury car, or anything extravagant of the sorts.  The simple life is the way for me.  I’ll be enlivened on a daily basis, by feeding off the simple yet fulfilling aspects of my life.  A steady job that doesn’t need to pay 200k a year.  As long as I’m grateful for what I already have and accepting of the things I don’t, I don’t need to find approval from any external forces.  I’ll simply be content.

This was one of the hardest posts to write so far because a) there’s so much I want to do with my life before 30 and b) I think about all this way too much that it’s all up in my head rather than on writing.   But what I want to end this is with another acceptance factor: Not everything is in your control. There shouldn’t be a timestamp or expiration date on e.v.e.r.y. part of our lives.  You take a load off your shoulder when you stop taking too much accountability of every aspect of your life according to planned. Expect the unexpected.  Let things be.


One thought on “Day 2-In 10 Years…

  1. This post exemplifies everything that I love so much about you. It’s so inspiring how despite your uncertainty regarding your future job/career path, you profoundly state that you will be content with life. It’s such a simple statement, but demonstrates a wonderful, optimistic outlook. You are going to be content. And you’re absolutely right about there not being a time-stamp on every part of your life. It’s something that most of us often forget (especially myself), but something that should not only be remembered, but should echo in everyone’s heads as they live their day to day.
    I ❤ you!

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