Shaking off the Past, Bringing in the New Year…

“We all make up stories based on how our parents, church, religion, and teachers treated us.  These beliefs get hardwired into the limbic system of the brain and we believe them as if they were absolute truths rather than ideas put into our minds.  They become the knee-jerk reactions we can’t seem to control.  We organize our experiences around these false beliefs and they become the filter through which we interpret and react to people and situations.  If we have the belief “I’ll always be abandoned,” we create situations where we’ll be abandoned, and forget to notice when people are loyal friends.

Our task on the spiritual path is to stop repeating the same old stories and become aware of all the ways we keep proving our stories are true.

Yes, sometimes we hurt, and it certainly matters.  Yes, past events affected us and yes, we’ve had to face tough things in life, but the trauma is over now.  We free ourselves by bringing awareness to the moment and experiencing life in the present, unbounded by memories from the past.

Remember: our stories are locked into place by fear–fear of experiencing the current moment, the emptiness beneath all the chaos and activity created by our stories, and fear of experiencing a loving connection that pierces our heart and reveals both our grief and joy.

If you can loosen the grip of these false beliefs even a little bit, your life will have more flow.

-If the Buddha Dated by Dr. Charlotte Kasl



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