In the Whirlwind of Finals Week…

It’s finals week now. Of course, time is of the essence now–with so much to do, so much pressure; yet so little time.

I’ve had so many realizations, opinions, and thoughts that come up even in the midst of a crazy hectic day, but what’s upsetting is that I haven’t been able to set my mind on free-thinking mode where I let my thoughts free-flow without having any sort of obligations to attend to. I haven’t had time to sit in front of a desk in my room for more than half an hour without having to say “Crap, I have to go to….” All these things I have wanted to write about throughout this semester have been put on pause many times throughout my day. I’m looking back at my posts this past semester, and they’re just tasteless to me. I didn’t write about any of those realizations, opinions, or thoughts.

But this winter break is going to be incredible. I’m going to be able to catch a deep breathe of some NY air and I mean really catch a deep breathe of air.

I haven’t made an official list of things I want to do during break, but in my head these are the things I really want to do but haven’t been able to because of this semester. I figure, I don’t want to just sit around during vacation. There are so many things I always think about trying, but don’t have the chance to because of school. But now is the time. Later, when I start working full-time, there will be none of that. I need to get it done or they will be in the back of my head and haunt me.

1) (Finish) Reading a long list of books I’ve started reading/always wanted to read. (Possibly read a book every week if I can)
2) Hit up all the museums in NYC I haven’t had a chance to go to–the Guggenheim and MOMA. How have I not been here yet?!
3) Yoga-every other day. Yoga is a spiritual wonder. It does wonders for me. I am entirely different person after a day of Yoga. I think it is the true me too–centered, clear-head, a happy mind in general.
4) Pick up that old violin again. It’s been too long without it. Sometimes I have such urges in Bentley to play, my fingers start moving to an old symphony I used to know by heart. I need to satiate that longing all winter break.
5) Rekindle old high-school friendships.

Nearly everything I want to do, calls for a deep craving of a need to get back in touch with the arts and liberal thinking. I’ve been sucked into the corporate culture of Bentley for too long… Can’t. Freaking. Wait.


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