A Week in Review

I think this is the first positive post I’m going to writing in a long time!
I’ve just had a great week and I’m just gushing of happiness and utter excitement. I haven’t felt like this in so long and it’s amazing.

Thursday: Usually my hell day, where my day starts from 11AM and ends at 9:30PM–Not this time! Two of my classes were canceled. Went to dinner with my big, little, and DSP bros. Proceeded to the HP Premiere at Midnight!!! Except we got there at 9PM and were practically the first ones there. We were THOSE old people, lined up with the teeny boppers. It was funny, when we were walking out of the theatre after the movie ended, I remember seeing a ton of soccer mom vans lined up at the front of the theatre to pick up their kids. Anyway, practically half the theatre filled with Bentley kiddies. It was a great time with great people =]

Friday: It was the first relaxing day I’ve had in Bentley. I almost had nothing to do the whole day. It was incredible. Besides small meetings, it was a fantastic day. I’ve never enjoyed “me-time” so much before. I just lied in bed all day and did nothing. No obligations, no meetings, no nothing. It was so needed.

Saturday: Banquet! .I absolutely love DSP. I’ve never realized how much it really has changed my life in Bentley until recently. The people I’ve met really are the most diverse, fun, yet driven and intelligent bunch in Bentley. I’m so proud and glad to be a part of a group filled with amazing people.

Sunday: Banquet contd. and Diwali! We raised quite a bit of money for Bentley for Pakistan. We auctioned off people after the Diwali show to do a series of acts and performances. Trisha and I got sold for $100 (Thanks to her lovely brother) haha.

Monday: Got to see a long-lost friend. I’ve missed him dearly and although the encounter was short and sweet, it’s always great to see a good friend.

And now, I am on the bus, sitting in traffic, yet still excited, anxious, and just jumping with glee to an awesome week and an even more awesome week to come =)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the pleasures of being with loved ones 🙂


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