The Real Things in Life.

A Weekend in New York…
I went home to a fantastic and much well needed break from all my hectic, overwhelming, almost-suffocating life in Bentley.

It’s that aroma of your own home you come back to the second you creak the front door open. It hits you in the face with a blissful sensation that fills your core and just makes you want to take a great deep sigh and say…”I’m home.”

I had one of the greatest therapy sessions of my life just by sitting on my couch and looking around at all the old photos and the furniture that I’ve been so used to my life. I haven’t felt at such ease and peace in too long…Thank the Lord.

Had part II of amazing therapy session with my best friend. Mind-dumped everything and we spent a good hour or two talking about 25 Thought-Provoking Questions we found on this website:

The real things in life.

Sometimes we have to stop worrying about that course or grade, the guy you like but won’t ever give you the time of day, what he-said-she-said, the nice shirt you stained. We get so caught up in such petty worries and I’m guilty of it as well…There are far more important things to think about and suddenly you begin to realize that those small things are nothing.

Click above. Now.


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