Free flow

1) I’ve been sitting at home all day trying to get work done all day…TRYING is the key word here.
Where has my focus gone? I was so driven to work hard this semester and I was on top of my crap so hard the beginning of the semester. I’m over it though and I’m falling out of my focus.

“oh lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France
let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweaters
and teach them how to dance”

You took the words right out of my mouth Ingrid Michaelson
3) Speaking of, I want to learn to play that song. Guitar & ukulele have been such an emotional outlet for me. Or anytime I want to avoid a situation, I just pick an instrument up and sing my soul out. I used to be confrontational and able to deal with situations easily…I was known to be that way. Since when was I not? And why can’t I be anymore?
4) I was in a rush to meet my friend at NYU in Washington Square the other day, but I saw an interesting mural of street paintings hanging along a gate on West 4th and one completely caught my eye. So I started walking around the outdoor wall gallery, admiring them up close. That’s when I started talking with the artist. We had one of the most enlightening and deepest conversation I think I could ever have with any stranger in the span of only 10-15 minutes. He had the interesting background and he’s a renowned street artist, who’s been in that exact spot, West 4th in Washington Place for 30 years.

5) I can’t freaking wait to live in NYC after I graduate. (God willing I actually find a job there first….)
6) So everyone has recently started telling me I’m a hippy? Really? Haha I don’t know how to take that but sure, why not? =]
7) It’s freaking thundering and lightening right now and I dislike both very much. I’ve always been terrified of fireworks too. I always thought they were fun to watch, so masochistically I would be crying while still watching them with such great interest. haha I think I’m still the same way, except I just feel my heart leaping every time, rather than crying.
8 ) I’m done with school already. Just so done.
9) Ingrid’s on loop on my iTunes.
10) I really like the Welch’s fruit snacks I’m eating. Yum.
11) People are so interesting.
12) I should really start doing some work.
13) Now.
14) And not make a number 15.
15) Maybe I’ll watch How I Met Your Mother instead.
16) Or actually finish reading “Let the Great World Spin”
17) It’s 11:17 PM already on Columbus Day….time moves too quickly for me.


2 thoughts on “Free flow

  1. *watches HIMYM*

    Gotta love school… This is what we have to put up with though, so try not to burn out too hard! I’ll pray for your that you’d be able to find joy and motivation somehow.

  2. lol at the similarities of our blog entries today. Swear I read yours after I posted mine. Ridiculous (“Heyyy twin!”).

    Lol at 7 hahaha, and soooo agree with 8.

    And, I miss you.


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