I wonder…

How can one person be more charming than others? How can one person know how to sweet-talk his/her way out of any given situation, while others become the target to get picked on, blamed on, for that same given situation? Why do I have to deal with work in getting myself out of a situation, while others can swerve out unharmed? How does one have that presence and charm?

I’m not at all looking for pity or reassurance. I’ve already accepted the fact that my life is one big fail-boat (as most people who know me already know haha). It’s a true mystery to me. And I’m simply looking for an answer.


4 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Our similarities continue to astound me, Susie. Why didn’t we meet earlier?? Haha the fail-boat life thing applies to me too and I really, really wish I could lend you some encouraging words, but I can’t…Other than a theory(/desperate hope) that the suckiness that is my life will be turned around when I’m older. That I’ve had enough in my youth to last a lifetime πŸ™‚

    If you’ve got any inspiring words, I’d love to hear them. Stay up though, girl!!!

    1. Ah Michelle! I completely agree, but sometimes I feel like I bank way too much on the fact that my life will be turned around later in the future when things are more stable and settled. Why is it that things won’t turn around now or soon, you know? What makes us stuck in these situations? Is this God putting us through tests and trials? So many questions, so little answers!

      I wish I could provide some inspiring words, but I’m definitely empty-handed with this one =/ If anything does dawn upon me, I will for sure let you know!

  2. Confidence that edges on becoming recklessnesss plays a big role in this. If you understand that maybe, just maybe, there’s a human underneath that authority figure who really doesn’t want to chew you out or cut you down, it no longer is a question of sucking up or weaseling your way out of things. It’s more like appealing to humanity and community with the hope (but never assumption) that trying is better than resigning yourself to defeat. I’m able to be so happy-go-lucky and ridiculous at awkward times simply because I know what the alternative is, and most of the time it’s less exciting πŸ˜› lemons -> lemonade!

    Of course, if the punishment is well-deserved or just plain just, your own sense of humanity and community would lead you to gladly accept the punishment, and then to turn the other cheek, because that is justice working for the good of everybody.

    1. Hmm, Max you have a good point! Well, I definitely agree with you-if the punishment is well-deserved or just plain just, that you should gladly turn the other cheek. I’ve always had the will to accept my mistakes and work to fix them.

      I’m more concerned about this idea of presence and charm though. There are some people who have this “it” factor that makes them so charismatic and charming to the point that you would never think that they would ever do anything wrong.

      A few people pop in my head as I describe this phenomena. They are the people that all their friends love-no matter what they do wrong, they’re accepted for it. “Oh they would never mean to do that…Oh they are always so this and that…” They’re praised to every extent. But with others, he/she might do the same action, but be criticized or bad-mouthed about it. What makes one person prone to condemnation over another?

      Charm is a mystique characteristic. It truly is indescribable and having this trait can get you so far in life.

      Maybe being charming is an untruthful mechanism to getting what you want or weaseling your way out of things. But for some I think having charm is the way they tackle situations.

      For example, I get awkward, shy, clammed-up in uncomfortable situations (interviews, talking to a guy I like, etc.) But I think I’ll be able to resolve this issue by letting to of all inhibitions and just by letting things just “be.” The way to tackle discomfort and difficult situations is through being comfortable in them. That just sounded like it made no sense haha. But if you’re able to be comfortable and completely free to be yourself, no matter how awkward of a place you’re in, you’ve “charmed” your way out of the situation you know?

      Oh wow, I’m just rambling now with no coherent taste whatsoever. But I hope you know what I mean πŸ˜›

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