Ew me.

So this is something I never want to admit, but I think I will be open. After all, that was the point of creating a blog anyway…

I think about marriage 65% of my day. I’m always on the search for my “perfect man” but what for? I know logically that I’m still so young. I know that in my head I want to get married as late as I can, experience my womanhood for as long as I can, be independent, be selfish and do what I want before I have to settle and live the next 50 years of my life in sacrifice for my kids. I know this sounds harsh, cruel, and selfish but I think it’s so so important to live for “you” before you can give your life over to anyone else! How can you love anybody or help them through life, if you can’t even help yourself?

But then sentimentally, I’m such a hope-less romantic. I want somebody. As much as I embrace my independence, I want to embrace someone too…I hate myself!!

I think I just need to date somebody for a while now or something. Not be in a relationship but date. There’s a big difference! I can have the best of both worlds-not be fully attached and committed to someone but have that company that I so desire.

But then again, I have an un-breakable habit of getting attached to someone…



2 thoughts on “Ew me.

    1. Actually, it really is interesting! Dating life between Koreans and dating life between Americans is so different. Guys approach girls differently, traditions are definitely different (way cuter in Korea haha), and display of affection is something to notice. Let’s throw in Europeans in the mix…whooo~ what a mindful 😛

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