Part III of my ridiculously long title

3)The transition
…exactly as the title states. After diving deep into histories and century old cultures of Europe, submerging out to Asia was a surprisingly pleasant culture shock. I fell completely in love with Europe during my 6 month stay, and didn’t think I could find another place as rich as it. But then coming back to Korea, completely opened my heart up again. How did I forget how incredible Korea is? You know what absolutely blows my mind is how much Korea changes even within a year. It really is a developing nation and (here comes nerdy me) it makes me so proud to be Korean. Even my mom who was last in Korea four years ago tells me how drastically the country’s changed even in the past four years.

It’s so hard to believe that only 40-50 years ago it was almost a third-world nation. Looking at it now, it seems like just a legend of 100 years ago. Education is top-notch, technology is born here, everything about the city and the streets are despicably clean, the shopping and style is just as amazing as Europe, and ahh I love it. (Although prices have gone up disgustingly high for shopping -___-)

Even my mom regrets coming to the States now. When she decided to immigrate to the U.S. with my dad 20 years ago, they had high-expectations of living the American dream. America was seen as a paradise in their eyes (as it was for most others). Of course they went through obstacles and obstacles for over a decade but now they really are living the dream they set out for. America was supposed to be everything that Korea was not….but now that she’s returned to a country, where the quality of absolutely everything (from vegetables, clothes to desks, electronics and subways) has become ten times better, she’s thinking of buying an apartment in Korea to return back to…

I see all this and it also makes me second guess my dreams of living in Europe….ahh but I suffer my own dumb naive fantasies =P We’ll see….


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