Part II of Spinning, Moving Gadgets

2) Family
So we all know I am having some amazing family time. I’ve never appreciated my family this much or really felt such a strong attachment to them-something that comes with maturity as people tell me. I’ve opened up to my reserved mom, and tell her about my crazy dreams of living in Europe (although she proceeds to hit me in the head and tell me I’m crazy), the man I’m secretly in love with (followed by another hit in the head), and wow even just the fact that we have conversation is a big deal. Also, I’ve been appreciating my grandparents, how wise they are and how adorable they are. And apparently that’s where my clumsy, ditzy, A.D.D. comes from.

My grandma and I walked to the grocery store together to buy my favorite banana milk (the Korean banana milk is effing amazing), and while we were there we found a ton of other fruits and foods I wanted and chatting away about how I used to eat this when I was young or I how I missed this while in America. When we came back, we realized that we had both completely forgotten to buy one stanky box of banana milk. We just laughed at our stupidity and it was just one of those simple but unforgettable moments.

On a more serious note, I think my mom is doing much better now. One, she’s happy because she’s home. That’s always a comforting, fulfilling feeling right there. And also because I’m finally here after 6 months of separation. I’ve been keeping her a lot of company and been opening up to her like I mentioned just before. Also, since she’s been having the opportunity old-college friends and time to spend with her brother and sister, it can’t get any better for her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom this happy in my life. What a miracle.


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