From the Antique Ruins to Touch-Screen, Spinning, Moving, Talking Gadgets

Finally, I am in Korea. It has been a full week now since my arrival from the beloved Spain (who by the way are CHAMPIONS!!!!). There is so much to say and I don’t know where to begin. I’m trying to organize thoughts in my head but so much has gone on even in the 7 days I’ve been here.

Work in Seoul City Hall: I’ve been pretty excited about this for the past month. I didn’t know what to expect working at such a place. The internship program has about 40 interns-all from all around the world. We all were placed in a respective government institution or organization. Some are cultural organizations, such as the Seoul National Museum and others are government associations, such as the G-20, which is where I was placed. I actually had no idea what the G20 was beforehand, but when I told my mom she was really shocked. I had no idea it was quite a big deal. The G20 is an affiliation of 20 countries that was created by Korea in response to the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Since then, presidents and ministers from these 20 countries (including the U.S., E.U, Argentina, South Africa, etc.) meet annually to discuss solutions for the current economic and financial crisis. Obviously, the work I do does not contribute directly to these solutions (That would be absolutely insane…in the membrane); but what I do is work in the Operations of the G20, which is basically one of the very lower level branches of the G20. I have my own cubicle in a second-rate office that has no air conditioning (The real City Hall is currently under construction so we’re placed in a temporary building). But I’m not complaining. I translate whatever little things they need me to and do a bit of research. It’s pretty nice because I get to sift through Spanish news articles, which allows me to learn even more Spanish! Yay!


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