What can I say? My life is always a complete fail.

Every morning I’ve been having these spontaneous spurs because I have so few days left in Europe so I am trying to take advantage of all the little moments down to the mini-seconds I have left. So yesterday morning I woke up and decided, I’m going to go hiking in Montserrat (a mountainside an hour outside of Barcelona) .

So I packed my belongings (as I had planned to stay a night there), put on my bookbag, put on my sneakers and was well on my way.

It was beautiful, so peaceful, and the hike was exactly what I needed. I love getting lost in nature. I get a piece of mind, get to get away from the chaos of the world, and just have some great quality time with me, God, and God’s wonderful creations. The view was remarkable and beyond description. I have these moments, when I see something so beautiful (particularly pertaining to panoramic views or just plain nature) where my jaw drops to the floor, my heart pounds, and I just want to cry of how beautiful something can possibly be. I am lame, yes I know. But really, nature astounds me and I am so enamored by it.

So it was great, I was having a fantastic day, and I gleefully walked into the hostel lobby to spend the night. To my really unfortunate dismay, the receptionist told me I would have to spend a minimum of two days there for 28 euro each night. I did not have that money with me, so I decided to leave.

“Alright, whatever I guess I won’t spend the night and just take the train down.”

And what happens when I go to take the train down the mountain, OHH the last train for the day had left 5 minutes before I got there. Hmm, wow well of course a ‘fail’ like this shouldn’t be surprising.

So with no money (not to mention my credit cards happened to be maxed out that day) and no way to get back home, I was forced to stay in Montserrat. And so I spent a beautiful luxurious night in the indoor of an ATM centre. This sounds alright & you may think, “Oh at least there’s shelter.” Hmm…not when you’re on the top of a mountain at an almost 1000 m altitude freezing your buttock off.

Indeed, I froze my butt off, the cold tile floors did nothing but allow more frigidity into my body and without a form of long-sleeves on my body, I had probably one of THE worst nights of sleep in my life.

But hey, it could’ve been worse. Good thing I was on a mountain top, one of the holiest also (Montserrat is filled with Christian monasteries), so I knew noting could really happen to me. I was pretty safe there, and if I had been anywhere else in the world, spending that night alone would’ve been very much different.

Even after a horrible night, I woke up around 5AM and started out hiking. I figured it was better to get some warmth into my body by walking around rather than just curled up in a ball. And right when I walked out, the rays of the sun started peaking out of the mountains. The sunrise was breathtaking, and after seeing that, all my negative thoughts of the night before were completely forgotten. I am so awed by nature’s wonders and the way the pink sky meshing with the rising sun behind the mountains… priceless.

After hiking to the mountain top, I did two things I haven’t done in a long time: I read my Bible and I prayed. It was just me, God, and nature. It couldn’t have gotten any better. For a long time, I’ve had this wall between me and God when I prayed. But this morning when I prayed, I felt a religious resurgence and have been put back into place. I can’t say if it’ll stay this way, but for now things have been put into perspective again.

See? There’s a silver lining to every cloud. =) That’s life for ya.


2 thoughts on “What can I say? My life is always a complete fail.

  1. /warm fuzzy feeling (following your cold, miserable feeling). sunrises are always amazing when you have some elevation under your feet.

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