A month ago my dear roommate, Roxy, and I went out to a club called Otto Zutz. While we were dancing like wild beasts, this girl was approached by a six foot tall man for a drink and a dance. They exchanged numbers and parted ways after a while. No big deal, usually a typical night when you go out, right? Meet a regular guy, talk for a while, get his number, and that’s that.

Turns out this six-foot beast is an NBA player, has a fan page on Facebook, and even has his own biography on Wikipedia! Uh-huh, no big deal. . .

So they’ve been exchanging a few words here and there through Blackberry (He lives in Malaga), until a few days ago, he contacted her saying that his team was playing against Barcelona’s for a weekend. He invited her to his five-star hotel and luckily as her dear roommate I got to come along (not to spend the night though… I WISH!)

Free room service, sipping on 15 euro coffee, and living the good life. Ballin with Ballers (literally). Chyeah.


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