I went to the House of Terror today, which was formerly a government building during the fascist and communist regimes. In high school, my history classes had a much bigger emphasis on the terrors of the Holocaust and World War II. We did learn about communism as well, but less about the terrors during the communist regime. So coming to the House of Terror was a first-hand experience on filling in the gaps of knowledge I had about it. I spent a good three hours there reading and watching documentaries about how terrifying life was in the 50s. I can write probably two entries about everything I had learned about, but I think I’ll save you from all the boring history haha.

The photo I chose for the day is a memorial dedicated to victims of the 40 long years of communism, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building. I would have taken a better picture because the exhibitions were done quite nicely, but cameras were not allowed so this was a picture that I sneaked in quickly before a guard came to yell at me (oops).

Imagine waking up every morning, thinking this could be your last day alive. Imagine taking your daily route to work, but this time, walking through a path of dead bloody bodies that were shot to death. Imagine living in constant fear everyday of those around you, not being able to trust anyone. All of this only happened years ago and you can still see how people live so sadly and fearfully to this day.

Budapest was without a doubt far from a friendly city. I have definitely encountered very rude people while I was there. But understanding how pessimistic people are–about their way of life, the government, and economy–helps me to brush off bad encounters and understand why they are, the way they are.


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