Segundo Dia (22/5/10)

Hungarian lovers come to display their affection

My second day in Budapest, I went to a free walking tour I found out about online. I’ve done trips alone before so exploring Budapest all by my lonesome was not going to be something new for me. Traveling alone gives me time to reflect, see things at my own slow pace, and enjoy what I want to. But for some reason, I felt so lonely and quite sad about it. As written in my previous post, I reached a point where I had enough of alone time. I began to realize I really want some company in my life. I really like being single and independent, but I became to realize that I need companionship. Everyone else in my walking tour came with at least three others, and I hated the pitiful looks I got from my fellow group members as I strolled around alone.

What further heightened these senses was one of our stops on the tour at a park in the city centre. We stopped at this cage (shown in the picture) surrounding a tree that was filled with locks on it. The tour guide explained that Hungarian couples came together with a lock to express their loving relationship. They put the lock, throw away the key, and enjoy an everlasting love. At that point, I wanted to just burn that cage…kinda…haha.
But no seriously, I thought to myself…wow I kind of want to date somebody or just simply be with somebody.

Anyway, the tour ended pretty early and I still had the rest of the day to myself, so I explored and walked around on my own in the enjoyable sunny weather until, of course, it starts to downpour out. of. nowhere.

Luckily, I was also in a white tanktop and had no umbrella! (As we all know, I am the QUEEN of bad luck. Frankly, I’m used to it too, so unfortunate events really don’t seem to faze me anymore)
I ran around looking for shelter and after a good half an hour in the thunderstorm, I ran into the state opera house. While I was there I decided, “hey why not watch an opera while I’m at it?”

And that’s exactly what I did. I indulged in my $4 ticket. Yes, Four dollars. Did I mention that it was FOUR DOLLARS. (Thank the Lord for crappy Hungarian economy and cheap student tickets!)

I did not understand any of the songs nor the plot itself (everything was in Hungarian) Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it 🙂

Still, I wished I had someone to sit in befuddlement with me =/


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