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Oooh how exciting! I just learned how to use the slideshow setting on this thing! SCORE! =D

Barcelona won the championship league this past Sunday after a glorious victory 4-0 against Valladolid.
I’m so so sad that I was not able to catch a Barca game while here because tickets have been either too expensive or sold out! So Clarissa and I tried to sneak in to Campnou (the Barcelona stadium) but that was very very unsuccessful (obviously) Security was tighter than even usual, being that it was the last game and all. Even the walk to the stadium was an adventure on its own! There was a flood of people in the red and blue striped Barca jerseys, waving around Catalunya flags in the air, cheering, screaming, and blasting firecrackers in the streets before the game. Unfortunately, I also lacked the proper attire for the event because I had been too cheap to even buy a fake jersey. Oops. It’s okay because my heart is (and always has been) for the Taeguk Warriors (Korean World Cup team)

Clarissa and I tried to sneak in…that didn’t work. But it’s okay because we had Plan B!
and Plan B was to watch the game from a high building nextto the stadium.
We scoped out the area for a tall enough apartment building, where we could sneak onto the roof and watch the game from an aerial view. yes yes yes??
No. It was a fail. We found one building, climbed to the top, only to find that we needed a dang key to open the door to the rooftop. We failed to get into any others because either they were not tall enough or no one would let us in. One man even laughed at us, repeating “el techo?? (the roof?)” over and over again. Good times.

So after a failed attempt we took the metro back to Placa Catalunya in preparation for the fiesta that was going to occur after we won the game. (We were THAT sure Barca would win!) We managed to catch the last thirty minutes of the game outside of a bar on Las Ramblas so we were there since the very first second of the celebration at 8:30PM. All night long there were fireworks, firecrackers, chanting, screaming, and concerts. I don’t have much photos because my stanking camera died after an hour. So I don’t have records of the other hours of amazingness that occurred at night. Boo =(

I was out all day/night without a jacket so now I am sick. It’s late. I must sleep but I want to finish the rest of this entry soon! Later gators =P


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