Can I be Christian and a liberal at the same time?

There tends to be a strong association between political parties and religion-the more conservative you are, the more Christian you tend to be and in the respect, the more liberal you are, the less religious you tend to be. I strongly disagree with the idea that politics should ever be intertwined with religion, and any religious connotations to political ideas should be scrubbed out from government. But humans learn by association and because we associate religious ideas with conservatism, extracting the relations between the two are highly improbable.

Religion is a very touchy and intimate subject and I dislike talking about it with others because it can leave a bad taste in relations with others. Of course, I enjoy level-headed conversations, but I think most people can say that their experiences with Christians aren’t the best. I do understand though, Christians have the tendency to believe they are the best and need to convert the world. Yes, that is our mission, but in our defense, I think that Christians need to know how to approach non-Christians or non-believers in a respectful manner instead of coming forthright in the mentality of “You’re evil and you’re going to hell.” Anyway, getting off-topic a little bit, but I just wanted to make it clear that Christians have good intentions of spreading the word of God, but it is just not done in a humble manner and it scares or angers others away.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I am a Christian (if you couldn’t tell already haha) Yet, at the same time I am a liberal. The past months here I thought to myself, “Is that even possible?” For one, I believe in gay marriage. I know that there are Bible verses condemning homosexuality, but at the same time God preaches that love is above all other things in this world:

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”
1 John 4:8

That above all else is number one in religion, prohibiting love between two men is outrageous to me. Love is love and love does not know any boundaries. So why the hate for the gays? Dislike.

What I mean to say above all else is that liberalism is seen as a disgrace to Christianity in most cases. I know in the eyes of many I am not see as a “true Christian,” which is true. I am not the best practicing Christian, but I’m a believer nonetheless and I believe in the power of love above the paradoxical institution of religion. I believe in religion, but I don’t always believe in the institution of religion. (Make sense?)

Why am I writing this? Well, really this is something I had been struggling with in the past two years of my life or so. I strove to be a
“better Christian” and follow more of the institutions of Christianity; yet, I could not seem to let go of my liberal beliefs. And lately, I have come to terms with the perceptibly odd mix of the two. I believe in gay marriage, I don’t believe in abortion (unless it is a rape case), I think drinking should be acceptable (as long as it is not abused the way many do), and etc.

I always thought I was a bad Christian because of some of these beliefs, but I would like to say that I’m not. I think as long as you live life with a good balance between religious morals and open-mindedness, life would be easier for all of us.

Sorry, I wish I had my thoughts better organized, but I just needed to let this out. I had more in my head to say and honestly, in my head it sounded a lot better, but for now I’m pooped (It’s 2:40AM) and my mind won’t let me think straight anymore.

So, I’ll just leave it at this and I’ll come to edit this post later!


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