Current Mood:
Pissed/Sad/Frustrated that I’m not in Prague this week. Thank you volcano.
Roxy and I planned this trip month ago, beyond excited to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We found a Couchsurfing host, packed our bags, wrote a list of all the To-Dos, and hopped on the train to the airport with smiles and excitement.
We got to the airport to find fellow travelers-not rushing to catch their flights or standing on line at the counters-but just sitting on the floor or lying on the ground with irked faces. Confused, Roxy and I head to the counter to check-in…only to find no employees behind any counter. We asked a kind man near by just what the heck was going on. Turns out the airport was closed due to new volcanic ashes from Iceland.

Well, Wizzair and Barcelona airport, I would just like to take the time to say thank you for still not emailing us concerning our cancelled flights. Really appreciate that.

Current Obsessions:
+ “Slavinic Dance” by Dvorak–An absolutely beautiful piece. I will pick up my violin the second I return home just to play this
+ “Serenade in E major 4th Mvmt” by Dvorak–Played this is in All-County Orchestra some time ago and fell in love with it. I always imagine that this is in one a scene of a war movie, when everything is slowed down at war scene because the main character or most beloved character in the movie was just shot by the enemy. But other than that, this piece makes me tear a little inside. The crescendo and decrescendo is done perfectly and beautifully.
+ La Roux’s new album–“bulleeeeetproooof”
+ “Karma Police” by Radiohead
+ “Kids” by MGMT–the beat in the background never ever gets out of my head
+ Alicia Keys’ new album–played on loop: “Un-thinkable”
+ “Speechless” by Lady Gaga

“Inglorious Bastards”-more specifically, the scene with all the “I-talian”

HAHA. It gets me everytime.

Why am I so shy to speak Spanish? The only way to practice is if I actually speak it! Why am I still so awkward sometimes? Especially around guys…Why do I not know how to initiate conversation around people? I have an inferiority complex and always think “I’m less ___” than the person I’m talking to, which comes to show that I am not a very confident person. Do I really look that old? I don’t think I act that mature sometimes…Why am I such a moody bitch? I have A.D.D that needs to be fixed asap. I need to get off my ass right now, be productive, and not lie in bed all day.


I walk around this gorgeous city everyday, looking around at the pristine architecture, the brilliant sun, and the lively people, absolutely grateful to be here. I thank God every moment I can and really do live every moment here as it’s my last. I know this experience won’t last forever, and my heart sinks into my stomach every time I think of leaving. But at the same time, I’m thankful everyday that I’m able to live this opportunity. It’s an absolute blessing.


One thought on “Currently…

  1. a few things:
    1. kids and speechless are a couple of my favorite songs right now
    2. just the name dvorak reminds me of that piece we played for chamber a couple of years ago
    3. speaking of which, denise and i are visiting coffey friday and YOU SHOULD BE THERE </3
    4. fucking love that scene from inglourious basterds.
    5. i'm afraid when i go to spain my spanish will suck
    6. I MISS YOU<3333333333

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