Pre-Paris. Still more to come.

Before coming to Barcelona, I had it engraved in my mind that I would travel & discover most of Europe. The top cities in mind were Istanbul, Athens, Vienna, Rome, and Berlin. Paris did cross my mind of course.
But visiting Paris was a thought that bypassed my mind.

I´ve always wondered why people ranted about how Paris was so famously known as the ¨most romantic city in the world¨ or ¨the most beautiful city in the world.¨ So because of all this hype, I thought, ¨Eh, it´s probably overrated, but I want to see why it´s so overrated¨ Also, I have always been itching to go see the Palace of Versailles (ever since Mumma passionately raved about it in AP Euro in the 10th grade), so I thought, ¨Alright, why not.¨

Ha, well, before I get into explaining about Paris, let me tell another a story that can add to the ¨Susie fail stories¨ collection. Nick and I were skyping, as usual, and he told me that he would be flying to see me in Barcelona for his spring break. Not only that, but he had already reserved his tickets to meet me in Paris before flying to Barcelona. I was so excited that I went straightaway to book my ticket for Paris. I got out my Visa, bought the ticket for a whopping 54 euro, and jumped in my bed of excitement that I would be meeting him in the most romantic city in the world.

And then…it happened. I checked my confirmation email and-in true Susie style-found that I booked my flight a day earlier than planned. I got so caught up in the excitement that I would be going a day earlier than Nick. Not only would I be missing a full day of classes, I would also be spending an entire day alone in the most romantic city in the world. I would.

So I freaked out for a little, but got over it quickly. This is my life. This would happen. And I wasn´t too worried. God always figures out something strange for me in the end. And although my life can take the weirdest twists and turns, it works out in the end.

Surely, it did.

The day before I stayed in my library for a good three hours researching Paris, reading up on it, jotting down notes in my planner, and printing out pages of maps and iterneraries of where to go and what to do. Hey, don´t judge.

The moment I got on the train to my hostel, I pulled out my maps, notes, and a stack of papers, in attempts to figure out my plan for the day. I am that Asian tourist. Yeah, don´t hate, cus I´m more than prepared for anything. THATS WUSSUPP. ANYWAY, a girl sitting across from me on the train was clearly watching me frantically marking things all over my map, and kindly asked, ¨Do you need help getting somewhere?¨ I told her No and that I was just trying to figure things out right now.

I ended the conversation there because I thought she would be one of those con-artists or something that are all over Europe. But for some reason, I had these feeling that I knew I could trust her and that she was genuinely asking to provide help. I trusted my instincts and thankfully enough, I was right. I continued the conversation by asking if she was a student here and she told me she was from the States but studying in Paris for four years. She told me she didn´t have much to do today and offered to show me around. I thought, ¨Wow, this is crazy. Just what I needed.¨

Her name was Lucia and she´s been in Paris for almost a year now. She´s from Missouri and about the same age as me. She was coming back from a weekend in Barcelona, where she was visiting her sister and mom (i believe?). We first went straight to my hostel to check-in and then we proceeded to explore Paris. She asked what I wanted to see, but I told her I didn´t really know. Everywhere I wanted to go, I knew I wanted to go to with Nick (I was definitely not going to the Eiffel tower alone -.-). So she showed me what she thought would be nice to show me.

-Gah, need to go to class. More to come–


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