The Little Things I Love About Barcelona:

Just a few of the little things that make me smile on a daily basis. 🙂

Typical Spanish drink in a cafe

1)Cafe con Leche. I would not last a day without one.

Everlasting love...

2) Old couples. They are so adorable here…it’s something about how well they age or maybe it’s how well they dress&compose themselves. On the metro, I always happen to sit across from an elderly couple and I can’t help but smile. You can just feel the amor.

All their clothing have such a unique mix of craaaazy colors, patterns, and shapes. The designers are pure genius

3) The style. It’s crazy, creative, expressive, spunky, and unique. Everyone does their own thing and I love it.

If only my dog were this good...

4) Their dogs! It is rare to see dogs on leashes here! They are so well-trained and loyal to their owners that even along a busy street, they will always stick by their owners side without having to put any physical attachment.

Ah, the melodious sounds of the beautiful Spanish guitar.

5) The Guitar Players in the Metro I have yet to meet one bad performer or even any “average” ones. They’re all so extremely talented. It makes me miss playing violin..and also makes me miss jam sessions!


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