Rain Clouds Suck

Amen to that.

The weather in Barcelona now is not exactly what I imagined before arrival. Rainy, cold, dreary days are definitely not the hot, sunny, beach weather that I had mentally prepared for.

Boo for having high expectations =(


Tomorrow night is the last day of Carnaval aqui and I’m planning to go to Sitges (a super gay-friendly city right outside of Barca) to go partay! It’s supposed to be like their Mardi Gras…so basically, it’s a huge night of drunken debauchery (yay). I’ve been shopping around for a costume and found Minnie Mouse ears at Les Glories (an outdoor & indoor plaza mall). It’ll be perfect with my Mickey Mouse shirt and pink poofy skirt, which I still don’t know why I ever thought was cute to this day.

I have class tomorrow until 8PM. But I’m planning to just go in my costume and leave class early to catch the train with my group. Excited? HECK YES!



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