Days passing..

I haven’t written in this in a while and it’s always been in the back of my head to update my blog. Everyday when I’m out and I see something, I think, “Aw man I have to write about this!” and then…I get home and forget to.

So ever since my last post…let’s see…I got my gross cast off and replaced it with a walking cast. Being able to move and walk really feels amazing. I can actually go outside now and take a stroll instead of shedding blood and tears with those awful crutches. I mean, I can’t really walk around for too long because it does get painful after a while. But the feeling of being able to walk is just absolutely a blessing. So for now, I’m taking it easy. Not really going out and partying, but just hoping that my leg will be healed in time for me to continue my adventures here in Barcelona.

Last week, I went to Madrid for the weekend. Even the second I got out of the metro, a gust of reality hit me. I feel like I’ve been on vacation here since I’ve been here. Life is so relaxing and slow-paced in Barcelona, and I’ve really adapted to the take-your-time kind of mentality. Being in Madrid was like a slap in the face to reality. It was so so much like New York City with all the hustle-bustle, fast-paced, busy life, oh and not to mention rude people. And oh my goodness la gente? beaaauuuutiful! The people in Madrid were what I imagined Spanish people to look like before coming to Barca-beautiful, impeccable style, and charismatic. GUAPOS! And I was wondering all this time where the beautiful people were because people in Barcelona are CERTAINLY not like that. I’ve heard that analogy that Madrid is to New York as Barcelona is to San Francisco. Not that I’ve ever been to the West Coast, but I definitely get that relaxed, chill vibe in BCN.

Ah but let me tell you about my favorite part of Madrid and that was the town of TOLEDO. It’s an hour bus ride outside of Madrid to an absolutely magical place. Really, not to sound corny, but it was an a fairy-tale. Being in Toledo strangely gave me a sense of nostalgia. It really was an old, cozy medieval town with so much character. It was everything you can imagine when you let your childhood imagination flow into blissful images of an old medieval town with dragons and princesses-from castles to hand-crafted swords to narrow cobblestone roads. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Toledo Castle 2
Another Beautiful Castle
The city bridge to the castle. Stunning
The narrow streets of un pueblo in Toledo

I went by myself and for a while, it was great! I love having “me time” and exploring things on my own because I can study&observe things at my own pace. I like to take things in slowly and fully soak in what I am there for. Though after a while, after the millionth couple passed by me, I started to feel a bit lonely. I don’t mind at all traveling on my own because of the reasons stated above, but sometimes, I do want someone to share my explorations and talk about my observations with. Still, I have no regrets about my trip to Toledo…a great decision on my part, if i do say so myself! 🙂


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