Nose piercing: Yes or no?

Simple as that.  This is a ringing question. I really don’t know what to do! It’s been on my  mind since the day I left and it’s been an even more prominent thought in my head ever since I’ve got here.  Almost everyone my age has a facial piercing so it makes me think about it even more.

GAH! Killing me!!! I actually even went to a tattoo parlor and was seconds away from getting it-picked my ring and everything.  But I’m afraid of the scar that will be left on my nose when I take it off.  Will it even look good? AH FUCK IT.  I’m just gonna do it tomorrow and not have this “What-ifs?”


the next time you see me will be with a diamond stud on mi nariz. what whaaaaaaaat


Click to hear the story of how I got my nose piercing.


2 thoughts on “Nose piercing: Yes or no?

  1. When i lost my nose ring and the piercing healed up… u can barely tell that I had one in the first place.

  2. what will ur parents say? Besides that… i wanna see! Have you met Katie Kinsman? She’s studying in Madrid adn shes a brother from the Syracuse chapter hit her up! and can we please meet when i go abroad?

    K Chan

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