So the past week, I’ve been living with broken heating and cold water.  It was disastrous.  First of all, it’s FREEZING here, especially at night…I think I’ve worn every layer I own to sleep.  I’ve still managed to get sick because I sleep curled in a ball and wake up to frigid mornings.  Twice I had to boil hot water in the kitchen and bring it to the shower JUST to get a warm shower in.  It’s that bad!  Also, I’ve been blow drying my hair for the past few days for like 20 minutes just for the hot air.  I’ve never appreciated the commodities I have at home so much.  I love my apartment for its location and its aesthetics, but living here is far from comfortable.

What else…oh yeah classes started Monday.  My other two don’t start until next week.  But for now I’ve had Spanish everyday in the morning.  We took a Spanish placement test last week and I was placed in the Advanced II class (whoot!) I was really surprised and I thought maybe they made a mistake; but so far class has been very good.  It’s definitely the level I should be at so I’m glad that years of Spanish haven’t gone to waste 🙂  It’s pretty hardcore.  The first day we started off with a debate in class and everyday during class time it’s all about practicing and speaking.  It’s not a sit, lecture, and learn Spanish class.  Instead, class is extremely interactive and the way we are using it so often helps to learn it 10x better.  Everyone in class is really nice and friendly, and our teacher is chill too.  She likes to teach us the slang words that everyone uses and they definitely come in handy.  For example, yesterday we learned how to say words like “hook-up” and “fuck buddy.”  Amazing.  Not saying I want that to come in handy but you know…haha

I’ve only been here for a week and a half and my Spanish has already improved so much.  In class, before I spoke, I always had to think about what I wanted to say in English and then translate it in Spanish in my head before I could actually say it aloud.  But now, it comes more naturally to me without having to think about in English.  Today I went to the bank to open a bank account, and I could not believe how easily I was able to converse with the teller about opening an account.  Were these words really flowing out of my mouth?!

This past week, I’ve just been relaxing and not really going out at night.  But tonight is a free night at Sutton (one of the most posh clubs in BCN) and I can’t wait.  Last weekend even after crazy nights out and coming back home around 6AM, the other Bentley kids and I still got our butts up and went sightseeing the next day.  Saturday we went to La Sagrada Familia (The church to the left) It was beautiful but still under construction! It’s been hundreds of years since built, but it is far from completion.  I think I would’ve been more amazed by the church if it was finished.  I kept imagining how beautiful it would have been without all the construction wood and blocks inside.  But regardless, it was great to see.

Pictures will be up on facebook soon.  I suck at uploading haha


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