Estoy Aqui!!

Here at last.  My fifth day here.  7AM…jetlagged.  Slept from 3-5AM.  Boo. This is becoming a reoccurring pattern that has to be fixed soon!

I just can’t sleep.  It’s a combination of jetlag and my restless mind. Some thoughts streaming:

  • Today is orientation at UPF. Whoot!
  • My apartment building is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.  I have a cute little balcony in my room that overlooks part of my neighborhood.  I will post pictures soon! But as we all know, I suck at uploading pictures haha the one biggest flaw, is that the shower switches from hot to cold like a bi-polar mofo.  One minute, I’m jumping in the shower because it is so hot; another minute, I’m jumping in the shower because it’s so cold.  Oh well, it’s something I will have to adjust to.
  • I’m living with 3 Belgian chicks and a French guy who have been here since September.  They are so sweet and welcoming and I’m so grateful I have nice roommates.  They wrote a really cute welcoming note to me and slipped in under my door the first day I was here and passed out haha.  They’ve invited me to all their nightly activities, and I feel bad turning them down because I do want to get to know them and go out with them…but I have just been so tired!
  • I wish I had a lot to say about Barcelona, but unfortunately I don’t! It’s been so rainy and cold everyday that I haven’t had the chance to explore =( But from walking around my neighborhood, I already like it so much.  The architecture of the apartment buildings here is stunning.  My apartment is in the perfect location-just outside of the central part of the city, yet still in the city. So I can still have the hustle bustle that I love about the city, but still have a piece of mind.
  • The euro SUCKS right now.  When I left the airport it was 1.64 euro for a dollar. EFF.  I also have no more money left and need to exchange more, which reminds me :  Open a bank account today.  Let’s see how far my Spanish will get me..hahaha
  • Speaking of, when I was renting a cell phone at the “Orange store” (bootleg of Cingular?) my Spanish was definitely put to the test.  I barely understand her responses to my questions.  Just smile and nod….haha
  • Now that I am living on my own, I’ve started cooking for the first time.  And I’m surprised and proud to say I made rice and veggies today  =)
  • I can’t believe I slept from 2:30AM-5:30 PM my second day here. A whole 16 hours.  A whole day gone to freaking waste!  I feel a little better about wasting the day though because it was a holiday yesterday and nothing was open anyway!
  • My family hasn’t emailed me back in four days.  Today, I started worrying that something bad happened to them and I’ve been rolling around in bed all night imagining the worst.  But I’m also sad at the same time that they haven’t bothered to email me after the first day =/ It’s not a very comforting feeling.
  • I’m so excited & ready for the things to come =)

I’ll try to make more organized and coherent posts, but these are a stream of random thoughts that have been keeping me up at nights.  Sorry if this post was boring haha.  I’ll try to make it cooler and interesting next time 😛


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