Countdown: 6 days.

6 days!!!

Holy crap.  I’m leaving in 6 days.  Is this for real?!

For the past week that I’ve been home, this thought hasn’t settled in me at all.  I’ve kind of just being strolling by, chilling, not really planning out what I need to do…which means I haven’t been getting anything done that I need to before I leave.  It only hit last Saturday night.  And it wasn’t until last Saturday where I started having this sick feeling in my stomach.  I never thought I’d find myself being sad to leave.  I wish I wasn’t leaving so soon.  I feel like I just need a little more time to relax, enjoy the pleasures of home, spend time with my best friends, and be with my family.  This past year, I’ve been out and about.  After second semester of freshman year, I flew straightaway to Korea; and after I came back, I had only two weeks home before I went back to school again.  And now, before I have any chance to settle into home, I’m off again, except to a world that is completely unknown to me.


Anyway, enough of this emo-ness.  I have been blowing so much money, especially with the AMAZING post-holiday sales.  Holy mother, I’ve been having very successful trips in all my shopping ventures.  I have been hitting up these sales like it is my job!

Oh, which reminds me.  On the way to the Woodbury Common Outlets, my mom was confessing her anxieties about pickpocketing in Europe.  I kept trying to reassure her that I would be fine, but she is one stubborn woman.  She was convinced that the only way to fend off those pickpocketers is by buying me…wait prepare for this: a fanny pack.  Yes, a fanny pack. So we went to the Kipling store and lo and behold, there’s a fanny pack…and the fighting begins.  I think we scared about 20 customers in there with both of us screaming in Korean at each other.

We finally compromised and we settled for one of those money holders that you wear around your neck?  Yeah, one of those. Still can’t believe it.

Oh well, anything’s better than a fanny pack.


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